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    By UBU/Elements
900 Rutter Avenue
Forty Fort, PA 18704



It was great talking to you today and placing my order for Magsoothium.  I'm excited to receive my order so I can share it with my fellow massage therapists and my clients.

I've been fortunate to be a massage therapist since 1996 and love what I do which keeps me doing it despite many physical repetitive strain issues. I often use arnica, essential oils and various therapeutic creams in practice for my clients, as well as on myself for relief from tendonitis, muscular tensions and spasms. I must say since I've been using Magsoothium in my practice, I've received amazing feedback about relief from my clients not to mention my own hands, arms, neck and shoulders feel much better and most importantly physically restored and able to practice massage therapy for awhile longer.

Karen M. Hawkins, Licensed Massage Therapist

"As I was preparing for the US Paracycling track nationals in Carson CA, my calfs were very tight. I also was encountering cramping when training on my bike.

I was using the Magsoothium spray and creame prior to my training sessions. I also soaked once a week in the tub with the Magsoothium crystals.

Last weekend 11/1 and 11/2 my pilot and I attended the US para track nationals. We participated in the 4K pursuit and Kilo events.Prior to each race I put the spray and creame on my calfs and then compression stockings. I felt this was a bonus as my calfs remained loose. I didn't encounter any cramps during the events.

This really helped as we finished third in the 4K pursuit and first for the kilo.That is we won a national championship in the kilo event!!!<

Thanks as Magsoothium really helped!!!"

Kevin Meyers
"Never stop chasing your dream - 1 US!"


"Working as an Administrative Assistant for busy surgeons, my job not only requires constant getting up and down from my desk but also a good deal walking to various other departments within the hospital campus.  I also go to the gym 3 to 4 times weekly doing intermittent power walking/jogging on the tread mill.  I suffer from knee joint and low back soreness and have been using other products in attempt to provide relief of muscle soreness and inflammation.

In June of this year, I received samples of Magsoothium products (gel, spray, crystals) via an event sponsored by The Women’s Cancer Center at Fox Chase Cancer Center.  Upon using the samples, I was extremely pleased to find that the Magsoothium products did indeed provide instant relief from the muscle soreness and inflammation I had been experiencing.  I could actually feel a noted difference within the first several minutes after application of the product. The Magsoothium products far outweighed the other products I had tried and was currently using for relief.  I continue to use Magsoothium products to date for relief of my soreness and inflammation.  I would highly recommend Magsoothium products to anyone seeking relief from muscle soreness and inflammation."

Annemarie Gehring, Fox Chase Cancer Center


"The other day my hand was in the middle of a dog fight and received a puncture wound. I did all the right first-aid and then added you to the mix. Massaging you into the skin around the wound was one of the best things I could have done! Swelling was minimal, pain was minimal and healing happened more quickly than I expected. 

I've got to be careful. I speak so enthusiastically about all you can do for a body that some folks may think I am selling "snake oil"!!! 

Thank you Magsoothium. You go with me everywhere. I share you with everyone who will listen. I hope you go everywhere with them too."

Patricia Clason - Milwaukee, WI


"Magsoothium is amazing. It acts instantly to relieve muscle and joint pain allowing me to fall asleep. It has a very pleasant aromatherapy scent as opposed to the strong medicinal smells of traditional liniments.  I have very sensitive skin. Magsoothium does not burn or sting like the medicinal liniments. "

Jan Kopacz


"My husband & I do appreciate using some of your Magsoothium products and they actually do relieve sore muscles and aching joints!   I have used the bath crystals for a wonderful warm soak in the bath.  However,  my husband  really needed your amazing cream to soothe his acute muscle and joint pains. "

Nancy J. Olds - United States Secret Service Photographer




"The Spa at Ballantyne has offered Magsoothium Products Since 2012. Since adding Magsoothium to our Boutique our Massage Team has excelled at recommending these products for the simple reason that, It works!They feel confident in recommending a product that will benefit their guests.Our guests in turn feel assured by the enthusiasm our therapists have for a product they use themselves."


 Melissa Todd- Ballantyne Resort




"Thank you for sending me the foot products. They arrived at just the right time. I was nursing an ankle injury I incurred while playing tennis. I used the anti-inflammatory soak and it really helped..."

Tracey Stewart


"...We have been using this product since the start of the fall 2002 sports season and have had good results. Our athletes feel like it has been a help in their recovery from sore muscles and stiffness associated with various injuries. They often request a bag to take home so that they can use it at night..."

Dwight Stansbury - 
Head Athletic Trainer, Temple University


"I was first introduced to Magsoothium this past year and it has added a great value to my patients care.

I and my massage therapist use it every day while working with patient’s muscle aches and pains.

I use it to work out trigger points with great success. The patients comment on the light appealing smell it has. Others appreciate the coconut or wintergreen scents.

I have introduced the Magsoothium salts to my runners and geriatric patients who suffer from night time leg and foot cramps. All have responded well with a favorable response.  

Being a chiropractor, I use to have to sleep on my hands after a long day of adjusting to keep them stretched out. After using Magsoothium on patients for a couple weeks the pain and muscular spasms have subsided greatly.

I make use of the spray version for my patients that will be leaving my office going on to work out, do cross fit, or even zumba. The spray allows for the same results without that creamy feel, but rather a fresh clean feel after being rubbed in.

I would highly recommend you introduce Magsoothium to your practice."

Dr. Jerry Sangiamo


"...She has used this product for several months following the operative procedure and as anyone can see, her activity level is currently quite high. I do believe, as does Ms. Constand, that this product is one of the reasons she has recovered so well following her operation..."

Eric E. Leonheart, DPM
 - Chairman, Department of Surgery- Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine



"Just wanted to thank you for thinking of me and letting me try Magsoothium. When I first broke my shoulder a couple weeks ago,
the doctors said nothing would really relieve the pain. This was going to be a very long process, nothing seemed to help, it had been a very long five weeks. I started using your product this past week and oh my God I just can't explain the difference. I started out with the spray

three times a day, and yesterday I sat in a 30 minute bath with the crystals soaking my shoulder. This anti-inflammatory stuff is amazing. It
totally took away the throbbing and the pain for the first time in weeks. Since I have been using this product I am off all my pain medicine,
there is no need for it any longer. I will continue to use this product on a daily basis and thanks again for giving me relief. I have told everyone I know and they see the difference in me – it's just amazing."

Susan E. Shefsky


"Dear Alan,

               Words can not express what your product has done for my mother: who suffered daily from osteoarthritis in her lower back as well as frequently in her hips and knees. I have bought any and all products I could find that offered the hope of relief. On the verge of trying cortisone shots I bought your Magsoothium spray, which I believe should be renamed "O.M.G. it works without side effects spray." When you said it didn't take long to work I was more than skeptical, but true to your work it worked, and in a short period. I shake it, spray it and rub it into her lower back at night and in the morning, and that debilitating constant pain is no more. She also uses it on she hips, knees and hands when needed.

 I also sent some to my cousin who had a fractured coccyx, she said the pain has not totally gone,but she is much improved and can walk around, which she could not do on the pain pills from the doctor. 

 This is a product people in pain and people who know people in pain due to inflammation need to know about.

With sincere thanks and gratitude for greatly improving the quality of life to the best mother, mine."                                                                                                                                    

 Michelle at Revenge Boutique in Palm Springs, Ca



     I wanted to thank you for giving me the “cream” and “spray” today.  After enduring lower back pain and inflammation for years it was unbelievable that the your product could make me feel so amazing in just minutes.  The stiffness immediately subsided and I was able to move, which for someone that suffers with chronic low back pain is an incredible feeling.  There is no greater feeling than that of mobility and I can’t thank you enough. 


 Exercising and being active are huge components of my life and your product will allow me to do both again. 

 Thanks again."

 Ed Ciarimboli, Fellerman & Ciarimboli Law, PC


"At Bryn Mawr Wellness, we have been providing chiropractic services, massage therapy, and fitness training to our patients for over 8 years. It was tremendously important to me that we use a line of therapeutic products that would be a suitable fit for all of our practice needs. Magsoothium has been the best and only choice for us.

Magsoothium Rub, used in conjunction with other manual therapies, helps me to achieve the best possible outcome for my patients. Our patients appreciate the prompt relief from muscle soreness and reduced inflammation that Magsoothium products provide during and after treatment. We recommend the use of Magsoothium Rub, Spray, and Crystals at home so they can continually receive the benefits that these products deliver.

I highly recommend Magsoothium to other chiropractors and manual therapists who need natural recovery products that have a proven track record of success. 

Jonathan C. Crooker, DC 



5 stars  *****








I have a lot of residual pain following 2 disc surgeries several years ago.  Left quadrant, shoulder blade, shoulder, arm.  I have tried just about everything on the market and want to tell you that I love Magsoothium Cream!  I find it especially helpful following 2 applications, maybe 10 minutes apart.  I carry the spray in my purse for sudden aches and pains.




I really have tried so many off the shelf products and think Magsoothium is the ultimate winner!




Thank you!


Debbie S.


Doylestown, PA